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Our Founder

We were founded in 2021 by a young car enthusiast and entrepreneur, who set out a goal of bringing likeminded enthusiasts and supercar owners along the South Coast of England together. South Coast Supercar Club have since grown to a community with over 200 members.



In October 2021, at the young age of 17, South Coast Supercar Club was founded. Our mission was to bring together like-minded enthusiasts together. The club's first event took place at UTWS in New Milton, featuring a decent gathering of cars for a blistering cold November morning. The coffee couldn't of been more prominent in a "cars & coffee" meet. (18 attending cars)



On the 6th of March, our club experienced a significant milestone as we hosted our largest event to date at TWS in Poole. The event attracted an impressive turnout of approximately 70 cars, showcasing our enormous growth over winter. We had marvels such as the Lexus LFA, Aston Martin DB6 and a gorgeous Ferrari F40. (70+ attending cars)


An enormous milestone was achieved through a treasured relationship with our founders school was made. The renowned Clayesmore Classic & Supercar Sunday event reached new records for the club as it attracted an impressive 170 exhibiting cars aswell as 1300 members of the public.. This incredible turnout highlighted the increasing popularity of our club.



2023 saw incredible growth. With the launch of the SCSC website, our membership has reached unprecedented numbers. We have surpassed 300 members with an estimated value of £50,000,000. With many more events added to our calendar we welcomed many more members. 

Our founder realised that the growth of an event is only limited to the growth of the club. In 2023, he founded Aperta Events. AE took over management of the event and witnessed incredible growth. 470 exhibiting cars to over 2000 members of public, it was a true accolade and example of what we are able to put on at a club level and regional level.

We cannot wait to grow this community of enthusiasts further into 2024 and beyond.


Would you like to be part of our future?

Since 2021 we have been uniting enthusiasts and fellow owners together and enhance their ownership experience. We would like to welcome you to this community and share our experiences and memories with you.

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